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    Radiant Body Scents promotes healthy living. Healthy living is about eating right AND connecting with our inner senses. At Radiant Body Scents, we provide quality handcrafted bath and body products. Our products consist of natural ingredients that utilize essential oils, sea salts, and organic body butter. The key ingredient in our products is essential oils. Essential oils help stimulate the senses and may provide relief for certain body ailments. Our goal is to keep our customers feeling good with an aroma of radiance by providing quality products and service at an affordable price.

  • Radiant Body Scents Bath Bombs

    Radiant Body Scents Bath Bombs come in a variety of scents. Our Bath Bombs consists of Sea Salts and Essential Oils that open up your senses and help you relax.

  • Soap Bouquets

    Radiant Body Scents Soap Bouquets are scented with some of our finest scents. Our Soap Bouquets are unique and, smell really good! They never die and the scent is long lasting. Order yours today!

  • Bath Salts

    Radiant Body Scents bath salt collection consists of Mediterranean Sea Salt (a product of Spain), which is rich in minerals including potassium and magnesium that may help alleviate and/or soothe most skin conditions, while helping to ease tension.

  • Bar Soap

    Radiant Body Scents has bars of soap up to 5 oz. Our customers love the size, smell and feel of our soaps. Most of our soaps contain ingredients that helps moisturize the skin. To learn more, check out our Gallery.

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At Radiant Body Scents, we love the scent of flowers.  Our Flower Bouquets are scented and made of soap, accompanied by other floral decor.  Unlike real flowers that dissipate, Radiant Body Scents Flower Soap Bouquets last a little longer and require less care.

Flowers may help with emotional health or boost a person’s well-being.  They may also lift ones spirit, ease depression or even inspire social networking.  On any given day, you could boost someone’s well-being by making his or her day special in an inexpensive way.

Purchase a Radiant Body Scents Flower Bouquet today.


This body butter is so amazing!  I use it every day for soft skin and it lasts all day without being greasy.  It smells delicious and does a great job at keeping my skin soft, it’s so moisturizing.  I can still feel it when I shower at the end of the night…a little goes a long way.  I have multiple scents and love them all…but I will have to say my daughter and I can’t get enough of the Lemongrass!!!

E. Avery

“I absolutely love the products I gave my family some for Christmas and they love it as well can’t wait to get my hands on some more.”

G. Leak

“All I can say is I am hooked on this natural soap. All I use for now on. That LemonGrass is the Truth!”

L. Simmons

My wife tried your products and said “out of all the ones she has tried, yours are the best!”

K. Reid

“These are amazing products! I love that the products are all natural and hand made. The Body Scrubs smell delicious and left my skin so silky soft. The Body Butter has a wonderfully subtle scent and kept me moisturized all day. I’m so happy with my purchase!”

C. Arzu

“The Bombs are the bomb!!! BOOM! Oh my goodness! I did not want to get out of the tub. The aroma…aroma therapy!”

P. Craig

“Love your scrubs with the nice aromas…softens and oil my skin. Saves time after shower…don’t have to apply any moisturizer. Also your hand sanitizer add moisture to my hand while sanitizing.”

J. Dixon

“This product is awesome! It’s the one thing that works on my dry skin, I really love this moisturizer!”

J. Arzu

“My lips stay so dry, but since I tried the moisturizer my lips have never been dry again.”


“I recently purchased some product from Radiant Body Scents online. The products were as advertised and were received on time. The experience was wonderful and would recommend others to experience products from Radiant Body Scents.”

T. Mills